On this list i have put ONLY people who traded with me a lot of stuff and so i think they are very GOOD guys, obviously I'm not responsable if they fuck you, this is just to let you know how they did with me during these many years trading.
I also tought to put here all the links of the webpages or the emails for any traders, I think that can help a lot of traders finding each others, if you are not agree to compare on this site and i can understand it, please send me an email istantly and i will put you out of this list.

Paolo Di Gaetano (Italy) : He's one of the best ramones fans and collectors around the world. I have met him personally during last Marky Ramone's world spoken tour here in Italy. He's a great guy and I must say him a very big thanks for all the stuff he gave me

Marco Ferrero (Italy
) : Also know as ILFERE. Very great list, he bought years ago all the Paolo Di Gaetano's tapes, so now he has a great collection and he's a very great trader. It's very hard find some traders better than him.

Andreas Gabriel (Germany)
: Excellent trader, his video list is one of the best I've ever seen around. I traded with him lot of times. Always perfect trades.

Gota Ramone (Brasil) : Another great guy with many Ramones stuff. I have trade with him many stuff. He's a great friend but sometimes hes very slow to set trade.

Scott Murdoch (Canada) : Exactly how one trader must be. He usually send promised shows the same day we set the trade. I have trade with him a lot of stuff and all the shows from him are 100% perfect and correct! One of the best traders around.

Gaston Sanchez (USA) : I've made with him 2 big trades and I was shocked about the perfect cds he sent me, he's very very very great trader and a wonderful ramones fan. 

Lollo Ramone (Italy) : Now I can finally say he's a great trader and now he has very great stuff. Obviously a great friend!

Diederik Denaeghel (Belgium)
: Very great trader with very good stuff, very honest and very friendly guy, I never got any problem with him.

Dan Johnson (USA) : Also know as DAN THE TAPER, yeah he's the guy who taped about 60% of existing Ramones bootlegs, you can easily think he's the owner of the largest Ramones collection in the world. I traded with him only once and he made some mistake with the lists and I didnt get 4 discs

Robin Hiermer (Germany) : Amazing trader! Ultra honest, serious, friendly and hyper fast. I did with him one of the best trade of my life.

Massimo Galli (Italy) : Great guy from italy. He has not many shows but he has very rare shows. He's the same guy as maxbootlegs.

Helio Volpato (Brasil) : I've traded with him only once and he's a good trader of course, not very fast trade but accurate, only some problems with some of Helio's tapes but i hope he will replace them with dvds when he can do the tranferring work, anyway very friendly and nice trader

Fabrizio Piotto (Italy) : Accurate trader, very honest, not very fast but if you have a very little patience with him you will get for sure perfect cds.

Guillermo Salgado (Chile) : Very fast trader, nice friend, some problems about language (he hardly understand english language) but anyway we have found a way for set up a trade, only a little problem about grading of their vhs videos but anyway he was honest to admit he wrong on their grade.

I'm really really sorry if I have forgotten someone on that list. I must say a real special thanks to Angie for her incredible availability with me.

OTHERS GOOD TRADERS: (Obviously i have already traded with them).
I have no time to tell some about new traders i found but i decided to put them online, cause if you find them on web you can be sure they are good and they never fucked me:
Doug Cawker (USA), Tony Gugliardo (USA), George Brown (England), Zelijo Vukelic (Croatia), Stephen McGirr (Ireland), Lee McCormack (Canada) for RAMONES stuff and Claudio Traversa (Italy), Patrik Hadell (Sweden) for RANCID stuff

And now it's the time to say the fuckin BAD TRADER I know.

Hugo Ramone (Uruguay) : Well, many people talk bad about this guy. Some people say that he was a good trader many times ago and now he's became bad. We dont know why and we dont care about it. I think its better not trade with him, you can get all hugo's stuff from others good trader. You don't need to risk your disks.

Max Robinson (Italy) : This guy is not a trader. He's a fuckin seller. Well, he asked me many money for some vhs he has, i have accepted his request also if I hate fuckin sellers, then when I sad him "I send you money only when I got and check your vhs" he has never answer me. Don't give nothing to this guy, he's not a real Ramones fan. I finally got all the stuff i wanted buy from him trading with others collectors. He recontacted me after 1 years and then when i remembered him he tryed to sell me some stuff he went away another time.

WARN : Trading with others ITALIAN people NOT listed here CAN BE DANGEROUS!!!! Take care to your stuff and DO NOT believe people who contact you asking to send stuff FOR FIRST.